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Yeah no. by Lustmove-The-Hero Yeah no. :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 1 0 Why can't you care about me...? by Lustmove-The-Hero Why can't you care about me...? :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 2 2 Campbell family by Lustmove-The-Hero Campbell family :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 2 2 I am very proud of you, Diamond Tiara by Lustmove-The-Hero I am very proud of you, Diamond Tiara :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 3 2 Ooh, Mendin da broken pieces fic idk wii by Lustmove-The-Hero Ooh, Mendin da broken pieces fic idk wii :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 1 4 Fondue Bolt by Lustmove-The-Hero Fondue Bolt :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 1 0
Daybreak's Nightmare: The Prequel
Daybreak has a bunch of enemies, who are actually her frenemies, which is Firefly Dash (used to be her best friend until Sugar ruined their friendship and their great history together) and Sugar (more on the enemies side than friends side).
Firefly gives Daybreak back her test, and again; Daybreak gets another F on her test once again.
"Oh Daybreak, everyone knows nobody is ever gonna ya know; be the best at scoring the zeros and F's on the tests, by the way, Sugar's almost close to you being that!" Firefly said, with a sadistic tone.
"Thanks, Firefly, I'm so glad that I have my test back!" Daybreak replied with sarcasm in her tone, she's still angry at Firefly for mocking her, but she's mostly angry at Sugar for ruining their friendship, which is why she knew why Firefly is being so rude towards her...
"At your service!" Firefly replied with a hint of sarcasm as well, "Sugar and I are gonna be playing baseball outside, I mean, you're so gonna like; gotta be coming, even if you suck at
:iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 0 0
All C Universe foals by Lustmove-The-Hero All C Universe foals :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 5 0 A bunch of bullies by Lustmove-The-Hero A bunch of bullies :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 1 2 Rosey Glaze by Lustmove-The-Hero Rosey Glaze :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 1 4 Head doodles...! XD by Lustmove-The-Hero Head doodles...! XD :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 3 0 Shimmering Sweets by Lustmove-The-Hero Shimmering Sweets :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 1 2 Ballet Shine by Lustmove-The-Hero Ballet Shine :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 1 0 Sour Treble by Lustmove-The-Hero Sour Treble :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 0 0 Sssssssuuuuuuuurrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! by Lustmove-The-Hero
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Sssssssuuuuuuuurrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 1 7
Sunshine Sam, Robby Blaze, and Sunlight Song by Lustmove-The-Hero Sunshine Sam, Robby Blaze, and Sunlight Song :iconlustmove-the-hero:Lustmove-The-Hero 1 5
Mock accounts:
:iconshitty-lustmove-art: Next time, if someone idiot that is just like him; I am so reporting his ass.

Hi, I am Margret Lin.

Personality thingy here:
What Super Mario 3D World Character Suits You Best?
What Super Mario 3D World Character Suits You Best?
Hosted By Anime (Yeah, I haven't even played Super Mario 3D World yet, so yeah....)
Which Of The Mane Six Are You?
Which Of The Mane Six Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Which Of The Mane Six Are You?
Which Of The Mane Six Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Older Mario Game Are You?
What Older Mario Game Are You?
Hosted By Anime (:lol: I haven't even played the game yet... :XD:)
My Little Pony Personality Test!
My Little Pony Personality Test!
Hosted By Anime
What Older Mario Game Are You?
What Older Mario Game Are You?
Hosted By Anime

My Death Clock quiz results

Which PsYcHo My Little Pony: FiM Pony Are You?
Which PsYcHo My Little Pony: FiM Pony Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Mario Character Are You?
What Mario Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Opinions on my favorite characters....
:iconpinkiepieplz::iconequalsplz::iconunderratedplz: (In my opinion.)
:iconeddysaysmehplz::iconequalsplz::iconunderratedplz: (Seriously, Double D fangirls... Stop being towards me if I liked Eddy! It's like you're saying that I'm a fucking whore for liking Princess Peach!) Don't try or....:iconrarityseesplz::iconpinkieseestooplz: (Rarity and Pinkie are watching you!)
:iconsmb--peach::iconequalsplz::iconunderratedplz: (If you disagree, it is okay, but don't try to call me a fucking whore for liking Princess Peach! :X)
:iconsmb--daisy::iconequalsplz::iconoverratedplz: (Disagree? I'm fine with that.)
:iconsmb--rosalina::iconequalsplz::iconoverratedplz: (Disagree with me? Okay, I'm totally fine with it, unless you call me a fucking whore for thinking she's overrated. :facepalm: :iconareyouplz: Seriously, I really am not. -.-)
Hated ones
:iconmolestiaplz::iconequalsplz::iconoverratedplz: (Seriously! Rape/Molesting isn't "sexy/hot/ or funny! :stare:)
Liked ones 2
:iconscootalooplz::iconequalsplz::iconunderratedplz: (Due to the freaking overrated joke where Apple Bloom teases her by calling her a "chicken"... -_-)
(Seriously, stop recoloring characters that are offical!)

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by jpeg-s

OLEMG!!!!!11111!!1 IET SO KAWAII DESU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!1 SEWG IET SO KAWAII DESU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!1 SEWG IET SO KAWAII DESU...

by jpeg-s

AMG, AMG, AMG, Iet lok sew cewl, i liek yor oc! Sweg, sweg, sweg, youlo, youlo! IIET SO KAWAII DESU!!!!111!1 TEH NEME IS CEWL CAUSE I L...


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Maggie Lin
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Base (c) KIngBases
Austin belongs to Typewriter Misadventures
Welcome to my page, my name is Maggie Lin!
My star sign: Sagittarius Stamp by sxhi Astrology Series - Sagittarius by feiyan
Maggie| Biromantic Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes|Christian|♐| Still eats meat and veggies
Homosexual Equality by SuperiLoveCartoons (No matter if someone I like is a boy or a girl in real life; I still love them, for who they are and not what they are.)
Quotes that I love/like:
- "She'd be alive and you'd be hatin'! Also, you mad bro? :icontrollfaceplz:" (PS: I sort of have a guilty displeasure on hating trolling, but I kind of like it in a good way; not the where you say mean things to another person kind, I just like it in a jokingly way.)
- "Thinking you're worthless and no good is just as bad." (one of my favorite Nobita quotes, and yeah, it's actually a really awesome message for him to say! :D)
-"What are you, some kind of troll?"
-"That's really none of your business, sir/ma'am." (serious business is serious business... :iconpinkieseestooplz:)
MLP couples that I like:
-Archer x Sun Glimmer ArchGlimmer Stamp by lapislight
-Scootaloo x First Base
-Rainbow Dash x Soarin' .SoarinDash. by Mn27
-Apple Bloom x Alula aka Erroria
-Sweetie Belle x Button Mash
-Pinkie Pie x Fluttershy +Pinkieshy Stamp+ by A-Ponies-Love
-Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry
-Tornado Bolt x Bloo
-Fluttershy x Big Macintosh PPSR - FlutterMac by A-Ponies-Love
and etc...
Alternate gen shippings that I love/like:
-Carrot Top x Derpy +ditzytop Stamp+ by A-Ponies-Love
-Silver Spoon x Diamond Tiara DiamondSpoon by A-Ponies-Love
-Lyra x Pokey Pierce
-Twilight Sparkle x Orion .:request:. OrionSparkle Stamp by schwarzekatze4
and etc...
Couples that I dislike:
-Wario x Peach
-Waluigi x Daisy
-Mario x Luigi (one word: INCEST!!!)
-Dimentio x Vivian
-Waluigi x Rosalina (Sorry fans, but I really dislike this shipping as well)
-Thomas x Twilight Sparkle (WTF? Why would you pair someone with no interaction, having no connections together, and last but not least; being in two different shows) + (The babies will look terrible if they've tried to fuck each other.)
-Kevin x Double D (Yeah, and you mad bro? :trollface:)
-Nazz x Marie (WTH?! Why would you guys pair someone who just hates that person because they see em as a hussie who'd be out to steal their boyfriends; and that other person fears them along with the Eds, oh; because fuck canon; let's just ship two pretty girls! -_-' logic...) + (This shipping is just a flippin girl version of Kevin x Double D, really...)
Couples or crack shippings that I like:
-Mario x Peach
-Luigi x Daisy
-Wario x Mona
-Luigi x Vivian
-Mario x Vivian
-Luigi x Peach
-Mario x Daisy
-Luigi x Rosalina
-Mario x Rosalina
-Nobita x Shizuka (Of course, why not? I mean; aren't they a canon couple? Plus, they even had a short movie that when they're adults; they got married and they've gotten a child that has his granddad's name as well.) + (*cough* *cough* Nobisuke, mainly)
Some notes on me here:
-Yes, I am indeed bi-asexual, I like both genders; and that doesn't make me a slut who can't seriously make up her actual mind at all. (Plus; I'm a repulsed out asexual too.)
Fanfictions that I like:
-Nobita's Depression: Looking for a Reason to Live
-Rainbow Factory
-Sweet Apple Massacre Alternate Ending
-Rocket to Insanity + the alternate ending

Fanfics that I dislike/hate:
-Jesus and Hitler: A romance (This fanfic is indeed offensive to some Christians, not only that, it even involves Jesus having sex with his underage son in the original where he's 11! :bleh:)
-God x Jesus (and it involves Jesus and God having a threesome with John in the 2nd chapter... :bleh:)
-PewdieCry: Caged and broken (It's hilariously stupid, not only that, it even involves Cry actually raping Pewdie.... -_- The grammar in the fanfiction is really atrocious)
-On School Grounds (Same of what I've said in PewdieCry: Caged and broken.)
-Cupcakes fanfiction (One word: GROSS!)
-The Experiments of Twilight Sparkle (It's just poorly written, not only that, the revised version makes the story even worse than how it's originally written)
-Mario saves peech: KASPARIO comes (Don't even get me started on this one...)
-Ash's Genitals Tortured (Whoever just wrote shit like that, they're seriously were smoking so much weed when they wrote this.)
Stamps about my sexuality: Aexual pride Stamp by ThatStampLover
Asexual stamp by pulsebomb Asexual Doesn't Mean... Stamp by AETitus :thumb205113356: STAMP: Biromantic Pride by FlameExorcist Biromantic Stamp by qnerdi Asexual Stamp by sunbirds :thumb431098723: Get Over It- Asexual Edition by DanksForTheMemeries Asexual by Inkiedo :thumb469700769: :thumb341427255: For Those in the Community or Those Supporting by endler
Asexual support stamp by Alien-Maiden
Stamps: 'I'MA PUT THIS IN MY FOLDER OF SHAME!!!1!' by World-Hero21 People change: stamp by Gutsuite Difference Stamp 2 by Reitanna-Seishin Imma name me kid Facebook!!11!! by LadyRebeccaStamps I HATE Rabid Fans And Rabid Haters! Stamp by xHalesx :thumb580690220: OTP Stamp by agrajagthetesty Fanfiction and Pairings Stamp by FallenAngelAerith Nothing Wrong with a LITTLE Rudeness lol by PurfectPrincessGirl How to remove unwanted faves by HappyPenguin819 Guiz! I em tlking stoopidly! Em eye kool yut?! by Little-rolling-bean 'I'MA GUNNA PUT THIS IN MY FOLDER OF SHAME!!!1!' by Username-91 (It's true.) :thumb321337430: :thumb340336786: Yay For Being Single Stamp by Spikytastic My Goals Stamp by Spikytastic Female bullies exist by Clelius Because They're Fun to Read by Mintaka-TK (We all do, don't we all?) genderfluid stamp by Clelius (Though I am not genderfluid, just because someone is; it doesn't mean they're confused.) :thumb508590247: Not that difficult a concept by WarriorofJesus 'New' Stamp by Wierdtails (*cough* *cough* I am fine with the newer version of Doraemon, and especially MLPFIM, plus, the art style is quite cool for me, and yes; I've watched the 1973 version of Doraemon in Chinese, really, I've watched MLP's 1st and 3rd generation and grew up with it when I was a little kid.) Bullying stamp by shadow9099 Stop blaming cartoons by katthekat I Love Cartoonime Stamp by nurmuzdalifah BAWWW MY CHILDHUD IZ RUINED by SA948-Stamps Yaoi vs. Canon? Stamp by Spikytastic BAWW THEY R KISSING HOW GROSS by Xiik Pretend Stamp by Mirz123 (to Unji-Noala, just because you made a fucking hate account of me, it doesn't mean I am gonna forget you, honestly. -_-) Stamp: English by Silver-Chocolate (My first language was indeed Cantonese/Chinese before it was English, but I am an expert at English and I am intermediate at speaking Cantonese and Chinese) Opinion Stamp by Mirz123 Real Friends Stamp by Mirz123 (it's actually true for me; I've been backstabbed a couple of times, but now, it's all good, and no one is backstabbing me anymore.) 014 - Smile by clumsyrebel :thumb420870557: :Request: My OC vs your OC V.2 by ChikitaWolf I Ship Ponies Stamp by DJ-Crossbones hey christians by Dametora brb writing pronz by Dametora Stamp: Pairing Preferences by Jammerlee Oh, Fandoms by mymunchies :thumb309418044: RQ: lolno by ChikitaWolf Stamp: I like a lot of dubbed anime. by Catthylove Kindness not Weakness Stamp by PianoxLullaby Stamp-Looks Aren't Everything by Jazzy-C-Oaks Kindness by LostKitten I have a right to my opinions too. by World-Hero21 I'm not going to give you that satisfaction. by World-Hero21 They're earned, not given out. by World-Hero21 I really don't by Latiosdude I'm here on my own terms by XxDiaLinnxX (To any bully and especially a fictional one: This is true, and also, if you can't read the fucking stamp, you need to get glasses, really.) positive by Sombolia Flag Pride by Just-Jasper My Friend is Straight by stuck-in-suburbia I'm not out to please everyone. by LainaofthesandLOL (I am not a slave to please you with my pain I've dealt with as a 5-10 year old, plus, my friends will get concerned if I keep getting injured you know.) Equal Rights Stamp by Abfc (Seriously, mom and dad, deal with it! I am not gonna have a child when I am growing up, and you must be mad at me just cause I like girls and guys, aren't you?) :thumb324992540: Its totally fine by KittyJewelpet78 (A bunch of classmates always pressure me to have a freaking boyfriend when I don't want one, wanna know why? Because I will fail in the relationship, honestly.) I Support Lesbian Ponies - Stamp by Fluttershy1989 (some part of it, just not all, honestly) Pretty Tomboys stamp by a-stamp-account STAMP: lol, lady-like? by StampsGoneMissing Not a pussy by prosaix Tomboy doesn't mean Lesbian by AnoAnoNori My Friend is Gay by stuck-in-suburbia What's the big fucking deal, bitches? by FluffyFerret97 The most offensive stamp ever made by FluffyFerret97 female artist by Queen-Soulia Pro-Dub Stamp by HatakeMirukon Love Is Love [Stamp] by Lentertament (Love sees no gender at all.)
And no, I ain't a fan of these couples at all: (Request) Anti ThomasXTwilight Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 (Request) Anti KevEdd Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 .:. Anti KevEdd .:. by VelociPRATTor (Go ahead, Kevin x Edd fans, throw your damn tomatoes at me; you can't say "OMG, GROW UP FER NOT LIKIN THIS COUPLE!111!!!!1" So I must grow up for not liking a couple? -_- I can like what I can like; and same thing with me hating something.)
Stereotypes that fit me:
-I'M ASIAN, so I MUST be smart/intelligent.
-I DON'T have a job, so I MUST be worthless.
-I'm a PERFECTIONIST, so I MUST check things at least 10 times, but then cry at one mistake.
-I'M AMERICAN, so I MUST be obese, a loudmouth, and being arrogant. (You know, I'm now in normal weight and doesn't that make me not a true American? -_-)
-I'M a TOMBOY, so I MUST be a lesbian.
-I'm a GIRLY GIRL, so I MUST be the type of girl who hates getting dirty (I'm more on the tomboyish side than the girly side, the only time when I want to wear a dress is that it's a formal/special event.)
-I LIKE cartoons, so I must be a loser.
-I'M NOT the popular kid in school, so I MUST be a loser.
-I TALK a lot, so I MUST be an attention seeker.
-I'M the younger sibling, so I MUST be some kid who doesn't get enough discipline. (Seriously? When I was younger, I used to be bratty and second, I get disciplined for this behavior.)
-I'M ASEXUAL, so I MUST be a person who needs to lose her virginity. -_-' (No dude, just no.)
-I LIKE both males and females, so I MUST be a slut who can't make up her damn mind. (Dude, I don't fuck random people + objects, and I have a fear of sex. Plus; that makes your argument invalid. -_-)
-I'M a GIRLY GIRL, so I MUST be a narcissist (No I am not, I don't love myself, it's clear that I hate myself, and it makes your argument invalid)
I personally like watching cartoons and anime (only one kind of anime.)
Here's the list below:
-and so many more (Yeah, I like more old cartoons than new though, ^^; and second, I don't really care about Adventure Time nor Regular Show or any originals on CN.)
Anime show I like:
- (Note: I watch the Chinese dub and the English dub as I don't understand Japanese.)
Cartoons that I dislike:
-Mega Babies (Honestly, I don't get how this cartoon is supposed to be humorous, second, it's trying too hard to be funny.)

Memes I made:

(I'm lookin at you, bullies.... This is why kids nowadays think it's 'cool' to tell the damn victim that they shall kill themselves because they're the ones who deserve it when they don't; which is a reason to why kids are screwed up nowadays; and second; saying that they are fucking born to suffer when they are not.)

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